Application Guidelines

Qualifying Guidelines

All residents occupying the apartment aged 18 and older must fill out an application. In order for the application to be approved it must comply with all areas of the guidelines. When processing, we verify credit, criminal, rental, and income history to ensure the application meets our guidelines.

Rental Criteria

Indio Management is committed to comply with all federal, state, and local fair housing laws. It is our policy to comply with all laws prohibiting discrimination, including those that prohibit discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familiar status, or disability, and any other local laws protecting specific classes.

In order to assist you with your decision on your new home, we are providing a list of guidelines used to qualify residents for residency in our communities. Nothing contained in these requirements shall constitute representation by Indio Management that all residents and occupants currently residing in our community have met or currently meet these guidelines.

In order to apply, you must provide a valid, government-issued photo ID for application processing on each applicant aged 18 and older.

Occupancy: The maximum number of residents permitted to dwell in an apartment shall not exceed two (2) occupants per bedroom, plus a child who is less than 18 months old and who sleeps in the same bedroom with the child's parent, guardian, legal custodian, or person applying for that status.

Credit: Our credit reporting agency evaluates credit against indicators of future rent payment performance. Income plus verified credit history will be considered in determining rental eligibility and security deposit levels. Upon application approval, you are required to submit payment for the deposit and sign the lease contract within three (3) business days, or the apartment will remain on the market.

Required Rental Insurance: Neither Landlord nor Owner nor Manager maintain insurance to cover the personal property of Tenant(s) or personal injury to Tenant(s), their guests, or occupants. Tenant(s) is required to obtain rental insurance and maintain it throughout lease term in the amount of $100,000 and place Legal Identity of the Property.

Criminal: A criminal background check will be conducted for each applicant aged 18 and older. The application will be denied for any of the following reported criminal related reasons:

Felony convictions

  • Drug violations: Seven (7) years from the completion of sentence
  • Weapons: Seven (7) years from the completion of sentence
  • Theft of property: Seven (7) years from the completion of sentence
  • Conviction for illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance: No time frame
  • Assaults or bodily injury to another person, or crimes that are violent in nature: No time frame
  • Sexual offenses: No time frame*
  • Any terrorism related conviction: No time frame

Misdemeanor Convictions

  • Drug violations: One (1) year from the completion of sentence
  • Weapons: Three (3) years from the completion of sentence
  • Theft of property: Three (3) years from the completion of sentence
  • Conviction for illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance: No time frame
  • Assaults or bodily injury to another person, or crimes that are violent in nature: No time frame
  • Sexual offenses: No time frame*
  • Any terrorist related conviction: No time frame

* Registered sex offenders will be automatically denied (resident, applicant, or occupant).

** Any of the above-related charges resulting in "Adjudication Withheld" and/or "Deferred Adjudication," or an active status on probation or parole resulting from any of the above, must meet the same time frames as it pertains to the charge.

Rental History:  Applicant(s) will not be accepted if there have been more than four (4) delinquent payments within the past twelve (12) months. No unpaid evictions or unpaid property debt within the last five (5) years are permitted. Any debt owed to any Indio property will result in denial of application. No bankruptcies, foreclosures or tax liens within the past two (2) years are permitted. If an applicant(s) has limited or no rental history, an additional deposit or guarantor may be required. Guarantors must have a verifiable monthly source of income in an amount equal to no less than five (5) times the monthly market rental rate and meet the entire qualifying criteria. A lack of verifiable rental history may require an additional deposit.

Income: As part of the screening process, your income will be verified. We require each applicant to make two-and-one-half (2½) to three (3) times the monthly rental amount. Gross income for all applicants in one apartment home will be combined and entered into the credit-scoring model for income eligibility. All applicants will be asked to produce consecutive and most recent pay stubs for the last two (2) weeks from application date. Additional sources of verifiable income may be considered, such as an "Offer Letter of Hire," grants, pensions, GI benefits, child support, tax return, and/or bank statements showing a history of direct deposits, along with a current business license, if self-employed.

Indio Management Pet Policy: Pets are welcome at all Indio Management communities. There are weight limits, breed restrictions, and a maximum of two (2) pets permitted. A $250 non-refundable pet fee is required–$300 non-refundable pet fee for two (2) pets–and a pet agreement must be executed by both the Tenant(s) and Landlord. Current vaccination records and pet picture(s) are required.

Falsification of Application: Any falsification in application paperwork will result in the automatic rejection of the application. In the event that an applicant falsifies his/her paperwork, Owner has the right to hold all deposits and fees paid to apply towards liquidated damages.

Locator Policy: Indio Management welcomes partnering with realtors and locators in helping prospects find terrific apartments. Across our portfolio, we pay commissions equal to 25% of the monthly rental rate unless specified otherwise in writing on MLS, or an MLS syndicate. The locator must be present at the time of the initial tour to be eligible for commissions. Tenant must choose "locator" for their application from the "Referred By" list on the website, as well as include the locator's name in the "Additional Information" section, in order for a commission to be paid. Payment is typically issued after tenant has successfully leased and taken possession of the apartment. Any promoted move-in special, including but not limited to rent concessions and waived fees, are not applicable when a locator, leasing agent, or realtor are employed at any point in the leasing process.

Please note that all guidelines in all areas must be successfully met before approval of an application. Deposits will not be returned for cancellations—they will be retained as liquidated damages.

We look forward to having you as part of our Indio community.

Thank you,

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