Current Residents

Pay Rent

Maintenance & Service Issue Guidelines

  • Requests for routine maintenance may be made online or by calling Indio Management at 214-865-6220. Note that online service requests typically experience faster response and remedy times.
  • Routine maintenance requests are prioritized and addressed as soon as possible, typically within (24) hours. Other service requests may take longer to remedy, such as: fire or weather-related damage, damage caused by residents or visitors, pest control, warranty work, or situations intertwined with public or private utility or service organizations.
  • Emergency service issues include, but are not limited to: broken pipes, overflowing sinks or toilets, noxious odors, gas or electrical service interruptions, and all issues which may threaten life, health, or the safety of community residents. In the event of a service issue emergency, call 214-865-6220. For emergency issues like fire, explosions, criminal activity or similar, call 911.

Fire Protection & Procedure Guidelines

Refer to the steps below if the smoke detector in your apartment is activated:

  • Check the apartment for smoke or fire. If no smoke or fire is present, contact your property manager to report a possible malfunction and/or troubleshoot.
  • If there is a fire, or if smoke is present, evacuate all occupants to the outside area. Warn neighboring apartments along your evacuation route, and stay clear of the fire department or emergency service personnel.
  • If the fire department or emergency service personnel are not on site, immediately call 911. State your name, address, apartment community, and apartment number.

Pest Control Guidelines

  • Contact your property manager if ants, spiders, roaches, or other pests are found in your apartment. Please note that it may take up to two (2) weeks for treatment to be effective. If the pest problem persists after two (2) weeks, contact your property manager to schedule a follow-up treatment.

Resident Transfer Policy

Indio Management may allow tenants to transfer from one apartment/property to another. Please refer to the contingencies below.

  • Resident must complete at least six (6) months of the current lease contract or currently be month-to-month.
  • Resident will have to give a written (30)-day notice prior to transfer.
  • A new application for all parties over the age of eighteen (18) years old must be submitted along with current proof of income. Resident(s) must re-qualify according to Indio Management’s Application Guidelines and Rental Criteria. Transfer eligibility includes verifying rental history with the current property manager.
  • Deposit must be paid to new property and current deposit will be refundable at move out less any costs related to damages or final billing.
  • If the lease contract has not expired, a $500 transfer fee is required. The fee is payable to the property in which the tenant(s) currently resides.
  • An Indio property manager must walk tenant(s) current apartment for damages before approving a transfer to another property. If tenant(s) has not maintained the apartment, or if the apartment is in poor condition, the requested transfer will be denied.
  • Tenant(s) will not be eligible to receive any move-in special, discount, or concession if transfer request is approved.
    • Tenant(s) must repay the value of any applied move-in special, discount, or concession if lease contract has not expired at the time of transfer.

Resident Referral Policy

We love when our current residents refer their friends and family to live in our communities! Indio Management will pay $150 per referral, in the form of a check or gift card. The only exception is The Argyle Residences, which will award a $500 check or gift card per referral. The referred resident must list your full name on the application, and if they list another referral service, you will not be awarded the referral. The referral award will be paid on the first day of the next month, after the referred resident has been living in their new Indio apartment for 30 days.