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Maintenance Services

Indio’s maintenance team has shown that quick and friendly service is truly the norm. Indio maintains a fleet of fully-stocked service vehicles, allowing us to carry out service calls quickly and efficiently, without unnecessary trips to acquire extra parts or tools. Our vendor supply network and purchasing power allow us to pass additional savings on to our clients.

On-Site Service

Indio's on-site service provides residents with maintenance help right at their doorstop. Our staff is available 24/7 to deal with maintenance emergencies.

Services Requests

Indio utilizes an online service request system. All work orders are entered online and tracked to completion. On average, we successfully process and complete 150 work orders every week.


Indio stocks a wide variety of frequently-used tools and parts on our maintenance vehicles, enabling us to effectively service properties, cut repair times, and minimize travel and purchase time. To keep the system working efficiently, we use a comprehensive inventory tracking software. This allows us to maintain inventory levels and accurately bill for parts and materials used by properties. That means properties only pay for what they use, eliminating excess purchases typically found at smaller properties.

Mobile Service Fleet

Many of our maintenance team members have been with Indio since the beginning. They bring not only skill but integrity with them to every property. Our staff is on call 24/7 and specializes in getting the job done right - the first time. We are well stocked with frequently-used parts and we own almost every speciality tool used in our line of work, meaning there is no task we can’t handle. The make-ready division of the maintenance team ensures that units have minimal downtime, which expedites leasing and maintains cash flow. Our ability to turn units in a few days gets the properties released quickly and allows us to avoid long vacant periods.

Time Tracking

Indio’s maintenance professionals all have various skill sets. We deploy the right team for each job, and monitor who is doing what job and where they are through our personnel tracking software. All maintenance employees have GPS-enabled phones that account for and report their whereabouts.

RFID Locks

Indio has deployed RFID-enabled door locks across most of its portfolio. Tracking and accounting for keys has long been a problem for all property owners. Indio utilizes an intelligent master key system that can track every use of a key or lock across our network or properties.

Water Monitoring

Indio has a strategic partnership with WaterSignal.com. We install special water meter readers that provide real-time data to our operations team about water consumption and usage. Thanks to this technology, Indio can identify and sometimes repair water-related issues the same day they occur, where traditionally leaks are not often fully acknowledged until the next month’s bill arrives. This protects properties against prolonged water damage while also guarding against uncontrolled water costs due to leaks or other hardware failures.

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